Financial data is the lifeblood of any business.  Accounting is the process of capturing this data, organizing and classifying it, and turning it into useful information.  We can assist you in several areas of this process:


Basic bookkeeping insures that all the transactions of a business are recorded.  It also supports the operations of the business trough the receivables/payables/cash management function.  A well designed bookkeeping system should carry out all these functions with a minimum of turmoil.  We can help you to devise a system that will efficiently carry out these functions and capture the basic transaction data of the business.

Financial Statement Compilation

The process of compiling financial statements takes bookkeeping one step further.  Standardized financial statements, compiled according to accepted accounting principles, are the “scorecards” of the business world.  They are vital tools in the management process.  They let managers know if the business is advancing or is in decline.  In addition, many outside parties, such as lenders, suppliers, etc., require that businesses submit compiled financial statements before they advance credit.  We can take the output from the bookkeeping system and prepare monthly, quarterly, or annual financial statements according to the appropriate accounting principles.

Financial Statement Review

For those clients who require financial statements that have more assurance than is provided by a compilation, a financial statement review is available.  In a review, the accountant makes inquires and performs procedures designed to give a limited assurance that the statements are in conformity with accounting principles.  Though the assurance is less than that of a full audit, it provides more than that of a compilation.  The review can be appropriate in certain circumstances and is sometimes required by outside parties.


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