The purchase of an existing business is probably the preferred route for those wishing to go into business for themselves. After all, why start to build a railroad if it’s possible to get on a moving train? There are, however, many questions to be answered that don't come up when starting a business from scratch. A few of these follow:

  • Why is the current owner selling the business?
  • What exactly is being sold?
  • Will current management, employees, or customers be coming along in the sale?
  • What is the business worth?

This final question does not lend itself to easy answers. Most often the best answer that can be given is a range of amount. Careful analysis of the existing business, however, can narrow that range and give the purchaser confidence that the business will pay for itself over time. We can assist the purchaser with just such an analysis. We can provide an analysis of many areas of the business including:

  • Sales and Income
  • Accounts and Notes Receivable
  • Inventory
  • Buildings and fixed Assets
  • Current and Long-Term Assets




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