In the past, the state tax return presented relatively few choices to the taxpayer. Once the initial decision about filing status was made, the return was essentially a process of calculation. Recently, however, the states have provided more choices and opportunities for taxpayers on their returns. Sometimes the opportunities presented on state returns can even affect decisions made on the federal return. Important deductions and credits that are on the Ohio return include:

  • CollegeAdvantage savings plan
  • Tuition expenses for Ohio institutions
  • Unsubsidized health insurance payments
  • Medical Savings Account deposits
  • Retirement and Senior citizens credits
  • Ohio Political contributions credit





In addition to state taxation, more taxpayers than ever before are finding themselves subject to the authority of local tax officials. Taxpayers are often quite surprised to learn that their income can be subject to taxation from several different local governments. These local taxing authorities can have differing rules and procedures that govern the calculation and payment of tax. Frequently, a taxpayer can unwittingly run afoul of these local taxes for a long time before he is contacted by a local government requesting back taxes. A knowledgeable professional can navigate the minefields of state and local taxation in order to produce the best results possible for the taxpayer.

Multi State Taxation

Taxpayers who move from one state to another, or who have income derived from more than one state are faced with filing multi-state tax returns. Just finding what forms are required and getting those forms can be a major headache. Then there is the issue of allocating income between the states. We have the expertise to sort out multi state tax issues and to determine the correct result. Please contact us to see what we can do for you.


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